Shedding Light/Dar la Luz

     Aside from my pre-teen and teen years when I was crazy for Menudo and New Edition (in that order), I've never been driven by mania.  I keep a goal in my line of vision.  One goal that has always been a constant for me is motherhood.  I've always wanted that to be a … Continue reading Shedding Light/Dar la Luz


Readiness/¡Ponte Lista, Mujer!

Starting over after a loss.  Starting a bakery.  Getting started.  Period.  That's the hard part.  That first step.  What direction do I turn to make that step?   I think the first move I made was to grab an orange spiral notebook from my kids' school supplies stash box.  I jotted down name, product … Continue reading Readiness/¡Ponte Lista, Mujer!